Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whole30 - Day 7

Day 7 -  yes - I made it an entire week, I traveled, ate out at new restaurants and stuck to the plan.   Ok, I know what everyone is thinking (well, since I have 2 followers of my blog, I know what BOTH of you are thinking) - did I lose any weight.

Well, since one of the Whole30 rules is not to weigh yourself, and I am such a rule follower.....

I lost 5lbs the first week!!  That's right - 5lbs.  Now, not that this is a competition, but our Pastor lost 9lbs the first week.  But even still, I was pretty happy with 5 lbs.   Most important, I feel great!!  I seem to have more energy and my health issues have been non-existent for the past week.   I was starting to think there may be something to this "eat healthy and keep the chemicals and sugar away" theory.

I started the day off with some more of the hash for breakfast and wasn't starting to get hungry until lunch time.   I had brought some food in to work and sat and had a nice meal with some homemade guacamole (my wife made it, not me..), lots of vegetables and some turkey.

During work one of the areas in the office had two big boxes of donuts.   As I was walking through someone offered me a donut.   Pretty happy, I wasn't even tempted.  When I looked at that donut all I saw was 1/2lb of pure sugar  and I knew enough to stay away.   Temptation #33 -- overcome.

After work a bunch of people were stopping out at a local bar to celebrate one of their coworkers moving.   I was asked to go out and decided I would.   This is a Bohemian place - and they have very good beer, some giant butter soaked pretzels and awesome brats.... shouldn't be a problem right??

First thing to go wrong was that when I ordered a club soda with lime - they told me they don't have club soda and offered me a Sprite.  Nope - I ended up with a big glass of water while everyone else was drinking beer.   I was doing good for about 30 minutes until the pretzels and brats starting showing up as appetizers.   Since I was getting hungry, I figured this was as good of time as any to make my escape.

I was starting to feel like I could handle just about any of my previous temptations.   Little did I know what Day 8 would bring....

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