Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 2

Day 2 - Not too bad so far

Woke up today at 6AM with the dog staring me in the face.   How can he be happy so early on a Sunday morning?  As I took him outside, I started to wake up and realized I was starting Day 2 of the "no fun food eating plan".  Huh, no sausage for breakfast... no bacon for 2nd breakfast....  How was I going to cope?

Decided to go back to bed and crashed for another 2 hours before waking up at 8:30AM with a pretty good POTS episode in full swing.   For those who don't have POTS, it isn't very enjoyable.  For me when it kicks in, I feel disoriented and swear that I am having a heart attack.   Left arm gets numb, heavy., pressure in my chest... not a great feeling and definitely not the way I want to wake up on a Sunday morning.     

In the past when this happened, I would drink 2 gatorades and go back to sleep.  Today my wife my wife made me a Fritatta with avocado to help get more healthy fat into my diet.  I'm not a morning eater (which I now know means that my system is out of whack) so I had to force myself  to eat as much as breakfast as possible.    After eating and getting some fluids in me, I start to feel better and we are on our way to church.  

Church was a good sermon about "Don't Judge".  I thought that was appropriate and was just for me since inside I was thinking if it would really be all that bad if I just had a Kit Kat bar or a bag of chips later...  After church we headed down to Costco and Trader Joes to do a little recon on what healthy food we can buy that would curb my potato chips and sausage cravings. 

We packed some dried apricots and cashews for the drive and I was feeling pretty good, wasn't hungry or dizzy and didn't feel bloated.  Got hungry half way there, snacked a little and headed into Costco.   Picked up some avocado oil, more black olives, some prosciutto (gotta hold off the meat sweats...) and veggies and found some pickles that don't have any ingredients that I can't spell or pronounce.  

Then off to Trader Joes for some coconut milk (add it coffee), Ghee (looks like spoiled butter to me buy WOW.... is it expensive), and some frozen veggies and we are on our way home. 

By mid afternoon - I'm feeling pretty good.  Make myself a little antipasto tray of prosciutto, pickles, garlic & jalapeno stuffed green olives and sit down and enjoy a pretty tasty snack.   My wife made some coffee with the coconut milk - wasn't bad, but I was expecting it to be a little sweeter. 

Started to get tempted when my teenage boys broke out the brats and Oreo cookies... Oreo cookies, maybe just one...  but then I counted to 3 and told them to take the Devil Cakes away from me... 

For Dinner I took a chicken breast we grilled the night before with cajun seasoning and made myself a salad with spinach, cukes, mushrooms, green onions, olives and oil and vinegar.   What was happening to me???  I just made and ate a salad... a real salad.... with veggies....  Maybe I could make it. 

I was feeling pretty good so I asked my wife if she thought I had lost any weight??  She's awesome and told me my face looked thinner.  Thinner face, are you kidding me??  I was really thinking "Huh... how about my butt?  Do these pants make me look fat?"   

Ok, maybe I was a little optimistic but my Pastor lost 9 lbs the first week, so I'm thinking that since I am a little on the fatter side then him, I should be losing 1-2 lbs per day....   I know we can't get on the scale and that this isn't all about weight lose, but remember "Don't Judge" was the theme for the day. 

Day Two coming to a close.... time for bed.   Big test starts tomorrow since I am traveling for work and won't have my wife to support me and will be surrounded by unhealthy food and drink.   I've done my research, have planned my meals and will let you know how I fare.  

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